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Big Tent. Next level.

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and the Libertarian Party is no exception.

As a flagship affiliate of the Libertarian Party, the Libertarian Party of Texas has been a leader in ballot access retention, fundraising and operating as a unified state affiliate.

But we can do better. And I've got plans for how we can take things to the next level in Texas.

I welcome all LPTexas members and delegates to contact me via email with any questions you may have. Also, I would love to meet with county affiliates, even if virtually, to answer any questions

Curious what others have to say? Check out a few of my endorsements below!


Joe Burnes
Llano County Chair

LPTexas Fundraiser

Jessi brings a professional approach to everything she does for the Party. As Operations Director, she was proactive, diligent and meticulous. Serving on the Credentials Committee with her, I've gotten to see her approach up close, and I'm honored to work with her. She exemplifies the qualities we need in our officers, and we'd be luck to have her as our Vice Chair.


Nathan Moxley
Montgomery County Vice Chair
LPTexas Communications Director 
Former SD3 SLEC Rep

Jessi is one of the most organized, thorough and committed people I have met through the Libertarian Party. Her dedication to the Party and the principles of libertarianism are exactly what this Party needs in its leadership. I am pleased to call her not only a dedicated colleague but also a friend, and she has my full support and endorsement for Vice Chair of LPTexas.


Kate Prather
LPTexas Treasurer
Hopkins County Chair

Jessi is not only a good friend, but one of the most compassionate people I know. She listens diligently to perspectives and arguments openly. She is organized, collaborative, accountable and brilliant. She has my full support and endorsement for Vice Chair.


Kyle Russell
LPTexas Vice Chair
LPTexas IT Associate

I highly recommend Jessi Cowart for LPTexas Vice Chair. Her dedication, leadership, and passion for libertarian principles make her an ideal candidate to drive positive change within the party. Jessi's commitment to individual liberties and effective communication will undoubtedly contribute to the party's success.

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