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Parallel Lines

LPTexas Vision

While LPTexas is one of the most prominent state affiliates in the country (and we should be proud of that!), we still have a lot of room for growth and improvement. 

Developing and expanding our Political Action processes, training and analytics will be of paramount importance as we work to advance liberty in Texas.

Big Tent / Non-Factional

We are stronger together. I will continue to work with ALL members aiming to grow LPTexas and advance liberty, regardless of caucus affiliation or lack thereof. 


Our focus should be on the WORK, not purity tests.

Candidate / Campaign Manager Training

The primary objective of a political party is run candidates and win races. We've run a lot of candidates, but we have not done a great job of providing them with tools to set them up for success. I will implement a program to make our campaigns more professional and strengthen our bench.

This MUST be an area of focus for the upcoming term 

Staff Support

Provide the Chair and Executive Director with organizational and project management support to ensure that LPTexas staff is supported and empowered.

Leadership Visibility

LPTexas officers should be on the front lines of political discourse in Texas. In partnership with the Chair, I plan to increase LPTexas leadership visibility via speaking engagements, writing Op-Eds for media outlets, testifying during legislative sessions, etc. We will elbow our way to a seat at the table.

Single-Issue Coalitions

Activism and outreach are great tools to boost visibility, membership and donations. I plan to push for more single-issue coalitions with organizations where doing so will move the needle toward more liberty in Texas.

Targeted Outreach

We need to capitalize on changing political tides in Texas.  I hope to maximize our outreach to potential members, donors and voters. Leveraging our new analytics system, we should be making data-driven decisions for all of our political action needs.

Parallel Lines
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